This book is an effort to show how common sense and ingenuity can be used to overcome
the obstacles that are faced in securing our Southern border, and how to solve most of our
illegal immigration problems.

Follow our main character as he takes on the establishment to provide solutions such
as securing the Tucson Sector for 42 million dollars.

When a trio of terrorists cross the border and head into New York City on New Year's Eve,
things get really interesting.

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Al Rasheed Restaurant
Faysal Street, Raqqa, Syria

In the back of the restaurant in a booth sat Zayan Khan, Usman Khoury and Khalil Ahmad, intently concentrating on the instructions being given by Abu Ayman Al-Iraqi, one of the top leaders of ISIS.

“………The Americans were fools to think that Sadam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction hidden away in the desert” said Al-Iraqi. “Since we have had control of large areas of Iraq, we have found at least four different sites where Saddam’s soldiers buried large stores of ammunition and chemical weapons.”

“ Zayan, you and your cousins have been selected to carry out a mission in the United States. Allah will be sure to heap praise upon you for your successful completion of this mission.”
“We will send a car for you tomorrow morning, which will take you to Latakia. From there, a boat will take you to Athens, Greece. You will then catch a flight to Munich, Germany, and from there, a flight to Mexico City.”
“In Mexico City, you will be met by one of our brothers who will assist you across the border into southern Arizona.”
“Once you reach Arizona, you will be given further instructions.” “Hadh Saeed[i], my brothers and Allah yusallkak[ii].”

[i] Good Luck
[ii] God be  with you

Here is an excerpt from my next novel "Cruise Ship Down"

....Suzi woke with a start..."Jim, wake up, wake up. Did you feel that?"
"Feel what?" Said Jim.
"There was a shudder on the ship, it woke me up and I could feel it even in my bed."
"I'm sure it was nothing, go back to sleep, we have to get up early to get our stuff packed for disembarkation in San Juan tomorrow."
....About that time the klaxon blared out "All passengers don your life vests and report to your stations. This is not a drill."
Jim opened the cabin door and all he could see was a thick cloud of smoke rolling down the passageway.
Seeing the smoke, Suzi screamed "What are we going to do? We can't go out there in  the hallway."
"I am sure that it is just a fire somewhere and they will get it out.  As long as we stay here in the cabin we will be ok."
"Jim!, look out the porthole, I can see the water right there and we are on the fifth deck."........

More next year.

Presidential Press Conference

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press and honored guests, I stand before you with a heavy heart over the deaths of what is predicted to be over 6,000 of our beloved citizens caused by radical Islamic terrorists. We have been able to trace the movement of the terrorists to our southern Arizona border where three ISIS terrorists came in from Mexico with the assistance of a Mexican coyote. The area where we believe they crossed is completely unprotected, and like many of the portions of our border that are lightly or not at all protected, they managed to enter the United States unhindered.”
“We believe that they were met at the border and taken to Sierra Vista Arizona, a few miles from the border, where they rented a car and easily went through the border patrol check station that was closed at that time.”

“They arrived at the Morgam hotel on New Year’s Eve and proceeded to their previously booked rooms on the 14th and 16th floors, where they proceeded to cut holes in the windows overlooking Times Square. Fingerprints in the rooms have not returned any hits according to the FBI, but we do have pictures of them from various security cameras in New York City. I will have the pictures made available to you at the end of the briefing. Please put them on the air. Perhaps someone else made contact with them between Arizona and New York.”

“As you know, one of my prime campaign promises was to secure the border. The “Build That Wall” chant from my campaign rallies echoed in my head as it does now in my heart. Too many administrations before me have made a pledge to seal our Southern border, then doing little or nothing. Sometimes this was the fault of the administration, and sometimes the fault of congress. I intend for neither of these to occur during my administration and especially now when we see what can happen when we have an unprotected border.”

“DHS has told me that there are an average of at least 11 attempts by recognized terrorists to enter the United States legally every day. How many do you think try it illegally? How many of the “catch and release” applications for asylum from persons entering the border are from terrorists’ intent on harming our country? And, how many persons who are never caught entering our country are terrorists? Based on the amount of drugs smuggled into the United States across the Mexican border, it is apparent that a certain percentage of people who try are making it. I have been shown some of the unprotected areas, and some of the vehicle barrier areas of the border and it makes my skin crawl to think who might have come through those areas.”

“It will stop, and it will stop NOW” Said the president with emphasis.
“This tragedy, perpetrated by radical Islamic terrorists on New Year’s Eve might have been prevented had we sealed the border any one of the times it was proposed in the past administrations.”

“This afternoon I have issued a series of Executive Orders. The first of which, orders the mobilization of at least 4,000 National guard troops to temporarily provide assistance to the Border Patrol in sealing the border. The second, was issued to Secretary Madison of DHS to constitute a new department called the Illegal Immigration Enforcement Agency.”

“The Undersecretary for the IIEA, Mr. Kevin Whitford and his Deputy, General John King have been quietly working behind the scenes for several months to bring me a plan to seal the U.S. border with Mexico. The implementation plan for this initiative has been on my desk for several weeks, waiting for the right time to present it to congress for funding. I can no longer wait for the sluggish hand of the government to move on this plan, so by Executive Order, today I ordered the IIEA to begin implementation of the plan. You will be astounded at how little this will cost, and I WILL get the funding, even if I have to squeeze it from every bloated department in the government”

“I pledge to you my fellow Americans that you will see a secure border in place before the end of my administration’s first term!”

“The press office will have an outline of the plan for you within a couple of days. We will not have another briefing until three days, in order for the outline to be prepared. Also, I will take no questions today, as there is no way I could answer all of them. The next press briefing, after you have all read the outline, will be the time to have your questions prepared.”

“I hope that you all will stand behind me in this troubled time, and allow me to do what is right for our Country. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.”